Tara Sol - Digital Artist

Sol Photography

My love affair with photography started about 8 years ago when I booked my first Couture photo session with the very talented Heike Delmore in Windsor, Ontario. I was seeking to do something that was outside of my comfort zone and that was definitely it! Through our time together i marveled at how quickly i felt at ease and confident. I was able to let my guard down, be vulnerable, and have fun without worrying about how everything would turn out. Our two hours together felt like magic.

When I saw the final images i was speechless. Sitting on her computer screen was the work of an artist and I was part of that art. I had never seen myself in that light before and it was amazing. I was inspired. And so now I've carved my own path into digital photography as art and celebration and I simply adore it.

image taken by Heike Delmore 2015

Sol Sessions

Personal Photography

Play with What is Possible

It is a great honour to be asked to capture another human with my camera. Every moment is precious and it’s always exciting to see what is created during our time together. Each Sol Session is as unique as the person it’s capturing at that very moment. Both the photographer (that’s me!) and the client (that’s you!) bring our hearts and our spirits together in a beautiful dance of light and imagery.

It is impossible to predict what will happen. Join me in the mystery and see where it takes us.

Sol Moments

Retreat & Event Photography

The Gift Of Presence

When bringing a group of humans together with the intention of community, healing, or education, you embark upon a sacred journey. Give yourself and your participants the gift of being fully present by bringing me along to capture the magic that happens along the way.

Phones can be left behind, giving everyone the chance to go deeper with themselves and each other..

Tara and and I have worked together on several projects relating to empowering ourselves and others, during which we became good friends. When I asked her for a photo shoot, hoping to have a picture that I loved of myself, she knew just how to draw it out of me and delivered many!

Judy Ashby - Librarian and Warrior Goddess Facilitator

Steps to Building Your Website

  • First we’ll have a 1 hour planning meeting where we’ll discuss your needs and your vision. We’ll also explore any design preferences you have.
  • You’ll review what we discuss and provide me with your final choices and the content you would like shared on your site. 
  • Your website will be customized and built for you on Wordpress using Elementor, one of the most popular and easy to use website content creation systems available.
  • After the website is built we’ll have another meeting (30 minutes) to discuss any minor revisions you’d like done. 
  • After making any small adjustments I’ll deliver your website to you in a 1 hr teaching meeting
  • We’ll launch your website! Huzzah!