Tara Sol - Digital Artist


A Navigational Guide to Aligning with Life

Shift Your Perspective When Life Shifts Your Plans

Change Happens.
It’s inevitable and often frustrating.
Plans are crafted and compiled.
The sailing is smooth.
And then, PLOT TWIST, something unexpected happens.
Screaming at the Universe.
Cursing the very fabric of time itself. (too dramatic?)

In this 2 part online series you’ll learn practical tools to help you:

  • Get through the frustration faster
  • Creatively refocus your energy
  • Play with the mystery of possibility

Join me online, Tuesday September 13th and Tuesday, September 20th at 8pm est/5pm pst, for this interactive two part series.
Each class will be 60 minutes long and a recording made available to all who register.
Cost – $20

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Steps to Building Your Website

  • First we’ll have a 1 hour planning meeting where we’ll discuss your needs and your vision. We’ll also explore any design preferences you have.
  • You’ll review what we discuss and provide me with your final choices and the content you would like shared on your site. 
  • Your website will be customized and built for you on Wordpress using Elementor, one of the most popular and easy to use website content creation systems available.
  • After the website is built we’ll have another meeting (30 minutes) to discuss any minor revisions you’d like done. 
  • After making any small adjustments I’ll deliver your website to you in a 1 hr teaching meeting
  • We’ll launch your website! Huzzah!